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Welcome to Drywall Repair Downey where good old fashioned drywall service is alive and well. Our drywall contractors are loaded with drywall experience and they will provide remarkable drywall services at very affordable drywall prices. Although we specialize in drywall repair in actuality we offer many drywall services for both our commercial and residential drywall services. Our drywall repair business has earned a very respected reputation because we always give 100% on every job we do. Our Licensed Drywall Contractor will visit your house or office for a free drywall estimate whenever you request us to do so. Contact our drywall contractors today and our drywall company will be there tomorrow.



Downey, California is a good sized city in Los Angeles County with a hefty population of 112,000 people. Although Downey has many attractions that are enjoyed by the vibrant community one of the most interesting revolves around a fast food restaurant. Downey just happens to be home to the oldest existing McDonald's fast food restaurant. It was built in 1953. Our Downey Drywall Repair company feels very lucky to be a part of such a great community. Our drywall contractors work very hard to provide any drywall service that our customer's might need.


Providing a wide selection of drywall services is what our drywall company is known for. Our drywall repair business has grown because of our ability to deliver drywall service our customers know they can trust and depend upon. Our list of drywall services include:


  • popcorn ceiling removal
  • drywall repair, replacement, installation and texture
  • scaffolding
  • drywall finishing


With so many drywall service options available our drywall contractors stay very busy.  If you need outstanding drywall service you need to call our drywall company today.


Drywall repair is what our drywall repair business does better than any other drywall company in the community.  Our drywall contractor offers drywall repair service that is fast and efficient.  Our customer's know that when they call us we will be there.  Some of the repairs we offer include:

  • water damaged sheetrock repair
  • repairing plaster walls
  • wall plastering repair
  • ceiling, patch and wall repair

If you call our drywall repair company in Downey about a drywall repair today we will answer your call quickly and effectively.


Besides outstanding drywall repair services our drywall contractors can also provide wall covering services that will really catch your eye.  We offer excellent wall covering options that can be provided as soon as we have finished hanging drywall.  Here are a few of the options we provide:


  • wood, interior and brick wall coverings
  • wallpaper, vinyl and fabric wall coverings

Our wall covering company will send our wall covering contractor to your home or business today to provide these outstanding drywall services.


Our wall plastering company is very popular as well.  We offer wall plastering repair that includes:


  • wall plastering
  • plaster ceiling and walls


Our drywall contractors are experts at repairing plaster walls and will provide plaster services you can trust for exceptional results.


If you are looking for above average professional drywall drafting then look no further than our drywall addition contractor in Downey.  Take a look at some of the services our residential & commercial drywall draftsman can provide:


  • planning drywall home remodel
  • drywall addition blueprints
  • drywall plans and construction schedule


Our drywall addition contractor is ready to offer its help for your problems.


Please contact our Drywall Repair Downey at the information you find below and let our drywall company help you today.


7328 Quill Dr #64, Downey, CA 90242

Phone: 562-506-0056